Mission Statement

The Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards Committee is an organisation of Tasmanian nurses and midwives which promotes nursing and midwifery education and research and advances knowledge and understanding of practice by offering annual Grants and Awards.

The Grants and Awards include:

  • Nell Espie Study Grant
  • Leonie Sidebottom Study Grant
  • Robyn Whitworth Study Grant
  • Margaret Allwright Award
  • Returned Sisters Memorial Grant

This website provides information about the Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards, descriptions of the awards, and an online application form.

The following grants are available in 2017:
Nell Espie Grant, Leonie Sidebottom Grant, Returned Sisters Memorial Grant and the Margaret Allwright Award

For information regarding the website or the Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards please send an email to: thecommittee@nursesgrantsandawards.com