About the Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards

The Florence Nightingale Grants Committee was established in the 1950s to provide Tasmanian registered nurses with the financial opportunity through Study Grants to undertake post graduate studies. Many Tasmanian nurses have been awarded Study Grants to undertake post-graduate studies at Higher Education Institutions within and outside Tasmania.

The major source of funding has been through the St John's Hospital Association and the Tasmanian Department of Health, with donations from the Tasmanian Nurses and the general public.

In excess of $500,000 has been awarded in study Grants to Tasmanian Nurses through the Florence Nightingale Grants Committee.

In 1996, restructuring led to the formation of the Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards Committee, an independent nursing organisation which now administers the funds of both the Florence Nightingale (St John's Hospital Association) Grants and Awards Trust, the Robyn Whitworth Memorial Trust and the Returned Sisters of Tasmania Memorial Trust.

Further information

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