Past recipients

August 2016 report by Yvette Story, recipient of the Returned Sisters Memorial Grant

ON the 1st December 2015 the 'PROMPT T3' workshop was held at the UTAS Domain Campus. There were 49 participants; every maternity unit in Tasmania was represented. The workshop was multi-disciplinary with anaesthetists midwives and obstetricians in attendance. From all accounts it was a great success; it was a great networking opportunity for likeminded services throughout the state.

It was successfully negotiated with the RANZCOG that Returned Sisters Memorial Grant would fully fund 6 participants. The 6 participants were recruited from across the state. The complete grant was utilised to fund the 6 midwives.

PROMPT Tasmania

Each region has modified PROMPT to suit its unique environment.

PROMPT North West

Frequency: every 3 months (5 hour workshops), with outreach PROMPT courses facilitated at Smithton and Queenstown

Participants: 32 participants - midwives, GPs O&G staff

PROMPT Launceston

Frequency: every 4-6 weeks: (3 hour workshops), to date have held 4 workshops

Participants: 33 - midwives, anaesthetic registrars, O&G RMOs, registrars, and consultants


Frequency: 4 full day workshops per year, to date 3 workshops have been held (12th October 2016 full - 18 participants). 5 workshops are scheduled for 2017

Participants: 52 - midwives, anaesthetic registrars & consultants, O&G RMOs, registrars and consultants

There will be a total of 70 participants that will have completed the program in 2016.


The program is yet to establish at either hospital, support is provided by RHH and a consultant obstetrician will attend the October program in Hobart with the view to commence a program at Calvary in 2017.


A facilitator's workshop is currently being organised in Hobart, the aim of this workshop is for facilitators to develop their skills simulation/scenario skills further. All facilitators from around the state will be invited.


I believe that the objectives of the Returned Sisters Memorial Grant have been achieved.

  • The midwives who were funded to attend the PROMPT T3 have been involved in the ongoing development of the course within their areas. Their involvement in the program has further developed their clinical leadership roles within their organisation.
  • The benefits of the grant have had an effect beyond the immediate impact on the participants. As the overall recipient of the grant I have developed my clinical and leadership knowledge and skills through implementing a sustainable program within the RHH and supporting other educators/clinicians in other hospitals