Donations and Leaving a Gift In Your Will


Donate to Support the Grants and Awards

We are committed to advancing nursing and midwifery practice in Tasmania by offering annual Grants and Awards for:

  • education and research
  • recognising professional achievements, and
  • encouraging the pursuit of excellence in professional nursing/midwifery practice by promoting career development and leadership in nursing/midwifery.

Grant funding for the nurses and midwives has been made possible by donations from the St John’s Hospital Association and generous donations from Tasmanian nurses and the community. In-kind support has been provided by the Tasmanian Department of Health. Your donation will help us to fund future nursing and midwifery Grants to support Tasmanian nurses and midwives to receive ongoing Grants and Award funding.


Leaving a Gift In Your Will

The history of the Returned Sisters Association of Tasmania Memorial Trust is remarkable testament to the devotion of nurses, self-help and achievements that were in the interests of all nurses. The funds for the Grants and Awards have been made possible by nurses, their families and the community who share a passion for the profession. The calibre of past nurse donors to the Grants and Awards is impressive and inspirational. Future gifts to the Grants and Awards allow for investment in the Trust funds, with the annual returns providing scholarships for the nurses and midwives of future generations.

There are many things to consider when writing or reviewing your Will, one of the most important is documenting how you wish your wealth and assets to be distributed after your passing. Including a gift to a charitable organisation in your Will is a generous option that can help create a lasting legacy.

By leaving a charitable gift to The Returned Sisters Trust in your Will, through either a percentage of your Estate, a specific sum of money or other assets, you can have a positive impact on nurses and midwives of future generations.

Your gift, whether large of small, will be most gratefully received.

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