How do I apply for a Florence Nightingale Grants and Awards (FNGA) Scholarship?
Scholarship applications are online via this website https://nursesgrantsandawards.com/ during the scholarship rounds for eligible nurses and midwives.

I am an enrolled nurse can I apply for an FNGA scholarship?
Yes, you can apply for a scholarship provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I apply for more than one FNGA scholarship?
Yes, provided you meet the eligibility criteria of each scholarship you apply for. You will need to submit a separate complete application for each scholarship you are applying for and provide an answer to how your application aligns to the spirit of each individual scholarship.

Can I use the same referees/references if I apply for more than one FNGA scholarship?
Yes, you can use your two referees/references for all the FNGA scholarships you apply for. Please provide your referees with enough information on your course/ program/project to allow them to comment professionally on your capacity and commitment.

Can I hold multiple scholarships?
An FNGA scholarship does not limit you to applying for other scholarships. However, some scholarships may have terms and conditions that may limit you to apply for other scholarships.

Can I apply for an FNGA Scholarship if I have been a past recipient?
Yes, you can apply for an FNGA Scholarship if you have been a past recipient.

What are my chances of gaining an FNGA scholarship?
An FNGA scholarship is a prestigious scholarship, scholarship funding in general is competitive. You can improve your chances with your application by:

  • Provide all the documentation requested for that scholarship and ensure you have addressed the selection criteria
  • Allow ample time to dedicate to writing your answers to the questions
  • Clearly communicate your motivation to do the course/program/project and the linkage to the scholarship you are applying for
  • Provide a clear explanation about how you will use the funds
  • Demonstrate how your study or project will contribute to nursing and midwifery practice and benefit the Tasmanian Community
  • Demonstrate your capacity to complete the study or project
  • Ensure you meet the scholarship deadlines with a complete application.

Can I save my application and come back to it later?
Yes, you can select save as a draft and return to your work.

Can I change my application after submitting it?
No, please use the save as a draft function until you are happy that your application is complete and ready to submit. If you have submitted and need to make any amendments please contact the with your request.

Can I submit a late application?
We cannot accept applications past the scholarship deadlines. Please check on the closing date carefully and ensure you have submitted a complete application before the scholarship closes or finalise your draft application in time for the deadline.

Can scholarships be deferred?
FNGA scholarships cannot be deferred. If you are choosing to defer your program/project please contact the to discuss this further.

What supporting documents do I need to provide?
All the scholarships require that you provide two references. Please check carefully the information about individual scholarship requirements on the website. Incomplete applications will not progress to shortlisting and selection by the Committee.

Can I get feedback on my application?
We can provide general feedback on the FNGA scholarship round. This will include feedback on the stronger applications and why applications were unsuccessful.

What do I write in a professional practice portfolio?
The professional participation profile could include any activities that complement your current role that go above and beyond what is required at work. Some examples of what you could write about in this profile would be:

  • Participation in a professional network such as the Australian College of Nursing, or a Paediatric Special Interest Group
  • Doing a presentation on your work to colleagues
  • Presenting or co-presenting at a conference/workshop etc.
  • Organising or volunteering for a professional event such as a breakfast event that is held on International Nurses Day.

Please note for the Returned Sisters Memorial Grant your professional portfolio will need to include clinical, academic and leadership achievements.

When will I be advised of the Committee decision on my application?
You will be notified by email of the Committee’s decision in September/October.

If I am successful how and when will I receive my scholarship?
Scholarships are presented by the Patron at a professional event held in October/December.

What do scholarships pay?
If you are successful with your application your scholarship will be paid by a cheque made out to you. The amount you receive will depend on the funds allocated for that scholarship round and the Committee’s decision on applications received.

I am interested in donating to one of the FNGA Trusts can I do this online?
Yes, there is a Donations page and information on the website and in the QUICK LINKS in the website footer.

Who can I contact if I need more information?
If you require more information please contact the Committee by email thecommittee@nursesgrantsandawards.com or phone (03) 6166 1570.