Monique Johnson received the Robyn Whitworth Study Grant in November 2019. The financial assistance made it possible for her to complete her Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (Primary Health) in December 2020. A huge challenge as a single mother working full time in a management role in rural community nursing.

Monique is passionate about the holistic approach of primary health and as part of her study chose to focus on palliative care and wound care as these are core services offered in community nursing.

She says, “My health special interest project was to identify the barriers to community palliative care nursing in order to develop a set of guidelines as a strategy to improve the delivery of palliative care in the community. I have been able to use these guidelines in my practice to assist new graduate nurses and new community nurses when approaching palliative care.”

Monique is now looking forward to completing her Master of Clinical Nursing (Primary Health) in 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced her passion for the delivery of health care.