The Oncology Outpatient Service at the Royal Hobart Hospital were recognised for their innovative work in caring for oncology patients by being awarded the Margaret Allwright Award for Achievement in Nursing Practice in 2017.

Since receiving the award the oncology service has presented findings from the Nurse Led Oncology Triage Service to several meetings. This included the oncology workforce at the Royal Hobart Hospital in June 2018 and following on in September an oral presentation at the International Council of Cancer Nurses Conference in New Zealand.

The award funds were shared between the two outpatient oncology units at the Royal Hobart Hospital and have contributed towards nursing staff development.

The oncology nurse triage system remains in place, with an average of ten calls being received from patients each day by the oncology nurse. The oncology nursing service are exploring options to develop and train a workforce which supports the long term sustainability of the oncology nurse triage model.